What is the chance of a favorable ruling?

Favorable, of course, to the poor people

Shell Oil must aid workers abused overseas

Somehow I expect the Supreme Court will follow the lower court ruling and agree that corporations are only people when it comes to Constitutional _benefits_ but magically revert to helpless scraps of paper as soon as anything negative comes along.

Of course, the idea that the US ‘justice’ system should be the world’s watchdog is more than a little bit silly but given the global nature of business today and the absolute uselessness of the UN (there isn’t, to my knowledge, any other organization that even purports to act for the world as a whole) there is some sense in allowing the US courts to arbitrate some of these things. Of course, if the targeted company chooses to avoid doing any business in the US then they should be immune, but even if they do business in the US given our silly-assed tailored for global mega corporations accounting laws that allow profit to be squirreled away overseas, even suing in the US might not achieve anything meaningful as they could easily show that they have no profits in the US to take.

Of course the idea that everyone is equal under the law is quite quaint; clearly the author hasn’t been keeping up with local events.

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  1. Of course everyone is equal under the law! Time == Money. Rich people (or ‘corporations’) get more money, poor people do more time.

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