Got to be seen!

So, here’s why I’m not moving to Wyoming

This really has to be read! Wyoming wants to explore the feasibility of having its own aircraft carrier in the event there is a nation-wide economic meltdown! While I am quick to discuss the looming apocalypse I advocate doing things that make economic sense even if the apocalypse fails to materialize. I would never advocate doing things that make no economic sense no matter how bad the apocalypse turned out to be and I can’t think of any way that Wyoming having an aircraft carrier makes the slightest amount of sense.

The crazies are now running the asylum!

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One thought on “Got to be seen!”

  1. I don’t know if any part of this bill is tongue-in-cheek, like the “proctology required for men seeking a vasectomy” response to the “trans-vaginal sonogram required for women seeking abortions” bill in one of our states.

    In any event, I’m giving Wyoming a pass on this one. Wyoming takes the Constitution seriously. They have told the Feds that they can’t come in and dick with a citizen that is doing something that the Feds have ruled a no-no under the commerce clause, if that citizen is not involved in interstate commerce. They said that if the Feds sent someone in to do something like that, they’d just send the Sherf over and arrest him (the Fed, not the dicked-with citizen).

    I’m sure that Wyoming citizens conform, pretty much, to the same intelligence curve that the rest of us camp under. That means half of them are dumber than average.

    Legislators anywhere tend to come from the bottom half. When I lived in Arizona for a couple years, we referred to the state legislature as the “90 dwarves.” That had everything to do with their intellect and nothing to do with their stature. I won’t mention any names, but just think about things that rhyme with Napolitano and Sebelius. You also might find it interesting to see how many Arizona governors were convicted of serious felonies.

    At any rate, that’s beside the point. We were talking about Wyoming. If they want an aircraft carrier, let them build one. Since it wouldn’t have to actually float, or go anywhere, it would be a lot cheaper than the typical aircraft carrier. All you would have to do is grade a rectangle 1000 feet long and dig a few cellars. Shoot, in eastern Wyoming you wouldn’t even have to grade. Just mow some grass. Load that sucker up with F-14s. They should be very cheap, having been ditched by the military. They’re also among the top five planes ever built, in my estimation.

    This thing could be bigger than the Texas State Fair.

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