Lazy. So. Very. Lazy.

I really don’t have any excuses for this close-out post being so late.  We got back almost two weeks ago, then immediately launched into prepping for the moderate-sized (90 people projected – I think we did a bit better than …

The Night Train to Zürich

This was noteworthy enough I thought to record my thoughts while I still could remember them.  The trip was… interesting. Not bad, per se, but not one I have any eagerness to repeat any time soon (really, at all).  We

The Trip to Praha

Sunday night we decided to try a restaurant that we saw on our walk back and forth to the Burgerfest.  Re the fest, we, foolishly, thought that meant burgers would be on the menu, but burger, it seems, means something

Three Days in München

I honestly didn’t think I’d be blogging about this trip.  I figured it’d be like a trip to Orlando, where there were nothing more than the usual complaints about fellow humans being human.  Despite my interest in writing, I generally …