He makes this sound very attractive

Privacy versus Efficiency

Adams makes the idea of zero privacy sound very attractive. I am sure that for youth of today (probably anyone under 35) this ‘loss’ of privacy wouldn’t even be noticed. Barring biblical apocalypse or some such this is probably the direction we are going whether we like it or not, and probably in the very near future. I have to say I am on the fence when it comes to having a _thing_ I have to tote around, but I will probably be quick (but not the first, I will let someone else be the test subject) to have the brain implants that would allow for direct computer interface and get the same _result_. Yes, very Matrix-like, but I have long cursed my inefficient mind and having an accurate storage mechanism as well as the ability to start, monitor and see search results makes me think I can be immensely more productive (well, depending on how you measure things, perhaps infinitely more productive). I have thoughts all the time I wish I could record in some meaningful way but since I lack access to pen and paper (and couldn’t read my damn chicken scratch anyway) I lose quite a few. I like to think the good ones pop back up often enough to leave enough of a trace I can start documenting them, but I am left with a nagging feeling that I often am unable to reproduce the thought process at a later date and the idea is lost.

Of course, then we bring hacking to a whole new level as how many people would have the intelligence and education to actually secure their own minds?

Author: Tfoui

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