Big brother

Biometric Database of All Adult Americans Hidden in Immigration Reform

I think what bothers many people is that 1984 was in the past and they expected it to stay that way. However, Big Brother just needed some more time to get going. I am sure that without the help of good old Osama Bin Laden it would have taken decades longer to get to this point, but with the rapid evolution of information technology this ‘erosion’ of privacy was inevitable. Forty years ago doing something like this was totally out of the question, it was technically impossible. Thirty years ago the government could have done this technically, but it was economically impossible. Twenty years ago it became technically and barely economically possible, but getting laws passed would have been impossible. Ten years ago, right after 9/11, it became possible to do so many things that prior generations thought could never happen that initially there was no effort to even obscure the purpose. Learning their lesson, the powers-that-be have been clever enough to obscure these sorts of law changes (or simply implement them anyway, like the Bush/Obama use of the telecoms to read all electronic traffic), so now we are quickly being ‘Big Brothered’. This is the new normal; existence in a modern society requires it. I believe that _most_ people will greet _most_ of these changes with little or no angst, indeed I am sure the occasions where this level of knowledge saves lives will be trumpeted. Still, you privacy advocates are going to have your hands full trying to slow the rate of implementation. I wish you luck, but I see you as the salmon swimming up stream into the bear’s mouth.

Author: Tfoui

He who spews forth data that could be construed as information...