Aliens on the moon!

Alien Debris Found in Lunar Craters

Hard not to read the title and think it isn’t wack jobs talking about faces on Mars, but since it was in Google News’ science section I clicked on the link. Gratifyingly, it isn’t about alien beings, but about alien material in craters (alien in that it doesn’t match that of the rest of the moon’s surface). It would seem that it has taken this long to come to these conclusions (that Earth material has impacted the moon at a ‘slow’ speed) because no one had taken the time to modify the existing models to account for the (relatively) slow impact speed possible if the debris comes from material blasted out of the Earth by some impactor there. What is most interesting to me is the prospect of getting well preserved material from early Earth. That could help settle a host of questions about the origin of life. Too bad there are few prospects for going to the moon and look for this sort of material.

Author: Tfoui

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