The pill, the automobile and the Internet

What killed social conservatism?
Technological progress has made it impossible for conservatives to obscure the truth about Americans’ sex lives

Really interesting article that (to me) seems to provide a deep insight to the right-wing way of thought. I found the idea of the conservatives making their own enclaves quite amusing, so did the author…

…the best hope for social conservatives is to retreat to minority enclaves like those of the Amish. On self-created reservations they can raise their children as they see fit, segregated from mainstream culture and visited, perhaps, by morally liberal tourists nostalgic for an older, simpler way of life. And if their fertility is higher than that of the morally liberal majority, they can hope to take over America by strength of numbers — in 500 or a thousand years.

Of course, this sort of thing is already happening (and has been happening off and on for at least centuries, probably millennia, yet the end of the world stubbornly refuses to come). Groups that are convinced that society has become so morally corrupt that it will implode have fission-ed themselves off into ‘cults’ and whatnot (remember the Branch Davidians?). They form their enclaves and fester in their own juices for a while, then generally are involved in some sort of legal trouble (like Warren Jeffs) and fade away, only to be replaced a few years later. Groups like the Amish, I believe, maintain long-term stability because they are not a) driven by individuals (e.g., David Koresh, Warren Jeffs) and b) allow youth to go out and experience the outside world, then welcome them back if they decided that they prefer the (Amish, in this case) cloistered life.

Author: Tfoui

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