More proof of our police state

As if it were needed…

How FBI Entrapment Is Inventing ‘Terrorists’ – and Letting Bad Guys Off the Hook

This would be a really terrifying article if it weren’t already so mundane and boring. I have huge troubles quelling my conspiratorial bent in thinking that this is all a grand scheme by our government to keep the sheeple terrified of their shadows and willing to accommodate increasing encroachment into their privacy and Constitutional rights. The really scary thing is it doesn’t require any sort of conspiracy, it just requires people in authority being allowed to violate the law at their whim. Hence, police state. I think back to my earlier posts where I talk about the ‘encroaching’ police state as so naive. It has been here for a while and I have chosen to ignore it until recently. Rot rarely happens quickly, it is slow and insidious and takes time. Our rot has been going on for a long time; perhaps it is accelerating a bit now that we are approaching the ‘end of times’ (I figure those times already ended; indeed, ‘times’ is probably a rose colored fantasy of a historical past that never existed).

I keep wishing that I am just full of conspiratorial nonsense and that things really aren’t as bad as I make them out. Certainly my wife is convinced that is the case and I married her because she is smarter than I am in so many ways. However, I have studied economics as well as the sweep of history and I just can’t shake the conviction that we are on the road to hell. Maybe the slow boat to hell, but a one-way journey none-the-less (well, I am sure things will reverse, but not in a timescale that most people will give a damn about).

Author: Tfoui

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