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Hypnotized into an endless dirty war
America has decided it has the right to kill whoever it wants, whenever it wants.

This is a topic I have felt strongly about for a long while. We are acting in a totally counter productive way in our war on terror (which keeps on expanding, has already taken out US citizens abroad and some day soon will start to take out US citizens right here at home, you can count on it!) creating 10 new terrorists for everyone we kill (and we have killed a lot of them). Instead of doing something useful in Afghanistan, like, say, building up infrastructure, putting in roads, electricity, etc. which might actually have motivated the population to view us as anything besides an invading army, instead we blow up random people from the sky, motivating them instead into a deep hatred of everything US.

We are already sliding down the slippery slope, gathering momentum by the instant, and it really isn’t going to be long now before we start to replicate the shockingly insane concentration camps we created for the Japanese at the start of WWII, this time for Muslims. Then, when anyone (non-Muslim) objects, they will be tossed in the same camps. Maybe that will be reversed after a few decades but imagine how many generations it will take for the ill will to ebb away. For just the smallest idea of what we have in store, check out Ireland’s long bloody war between the Protestants and the Catholics and they were of the exact same religion!

Author: Tfoui

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