More FBI insanity to placate the sheeple

How the FBI Invents Terrorists Like the U.S. Capitol ‘Suicide Bomber’
Even the authorities admit the alleged suicide bomber apprehended near the U.S. Capitol posed no threat. Mansfield Frazier on how the feds create ‘terrorists’ so they can arrest them.

When I heard about this I started to rant and my wife told me to shut it so I decided to turn here to express my outrage (at least it is quieter this way). The article explains the situation very nicely: these people are not terrorists, they are just dummies that the FBI cajoles along (via the use of paid informants! how is that for unbiased efforts?) just so they (the FBI) can have headlines exactly like this. It is _exactly_ like the moronic idiocy we have to go through to get on a plane. All show and not the least bit of substance. The _only_ thing this does is provide the sheeple with a false sense of security, it does nothing to thwart ‘real’ bad guys. Indeed, I suspect it might even embolden the bad guys because they can see laughably inept the FBI is at doing their actual job.

Isn’t it amazing, these reports tend to come out about once a quarter. I wonder if it is motivated by the idea of keeping or beefing up the FBI’s budget and any effect on the sheeple might actually be besides the point. What a fucked up world we live in!

Author: Tfoui

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