The Big Party

June 20th

Tonight is the Big Party. I believe around 240 people. I’ve heard that it’s air conditioned and walking distance from the house, so if I get tired I don’t have to wait for a drive.

Mama and Papa (what I call my ‘rents-in-law) are renewing their vows again, and they’re doing so as part of a regular (Catholic) church mass. I believe that’s scheduled for 5 PM, then a pause, then the reception that also doubles as Papa’s 85th birthday party.

Yesterday was kind of a slow day. I kept napping and really wasn’t able to concentrate much. I did have a cigar, during a ‘brownout’ (which is a euphemism for a blackout that’s on purpose) in the ‘laundry room,’ which is open to the outside. In the shade, so I was mostly comfortable (I did have to wipe beaded sweat off my brow toward the end). Rereading sections of a book on directing, as I hope to start planning the shoot for my Treasure Hunt movie while I’m here.

I went to bed early while nearly everyone else went out to a bar. They asked me if I wanted to come, but were up-front that the music is really loud (they all know my aversion), but I was wiped out anyway. I think I was asleep by 8. They came home around 1 and I wasn’t able to get back to sleep, so worked on the synopsis for my murder mystery sequel, “The Dominatrix Was Blue.” I believe I was able to capture all the ideas that were floating around in my head during the plane trip and have probably 85-90% done. There’s a transition in the middle I’m still struggling with, but I think I have the ending nailed.

This morning my wife and I went on our usual morning jog (we talked about it yesterday, but never got out the door). Total distance around 4 miles, but probably only jogged about a mile and a half. Remarkably few signs of the typhoon, except at the resort Leyte Park, which is clearly on some very hard times. Rather sad, as it used to be a tourist attraction in its own right and well cared for. They used to have an open air nipa hut restaurant at the end of a pier, but it’s long gone. What I most remember was one time walking out along the pier and seeing a boat for sale. It advertised that it slept 4, or 8 Filipinos. I’ve not really got used to the piles of people, even after 20 years, but it seems they can stack themselves like cord wood. Shortly after we were married, the family rented a house on the North Carolina outer banks for a week (Avon was the town, if memory serves). I don’t remember the count, but I do remember in the morning having to be very careful walking as it was like the aftermath of a bombing, bodies everywhere. Eliz and I were too junior to get a bedroom to ourselves (thankfully, we get one here now), but the house had some sort of cupola or something, no door, but no reason for anyone to go up there, and we were able to snag that. It had a twin bed with a pull out twin underneath, so we slept on different levels, but holding hands. Another amusing(?) story: Eliz and I decided to jog along the beach to the Cape Hatteras lighthouse we could see that seemed just a short distance down the beach. After jogging for an hour or so (sand makes for a great workout!) that damn thing hadn’t got an inch taller! We decided to walk back along the road, hoping someone would pick us up, and we got lucky.

I believe it’s tomorrow afternoon we start our trip to Cebu, so my thoughts on the party will probably be included in the Cebu report.

Author: Tfoui

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