Binge eating = fat belly

Skipping meals could lead to fat gain, research suggests

I didn’t get ‘skipping meals leads to fat gain’ from the article, instead I saw ‘binge eating leading to a bloated belly’. I am certainly guilty of binge eating. When I prepare food I prepare as much as I think I will want to eat, then generally eat every bit of it, though if someone else prepares the meal and it is smaller, I can eat that amount and be completely happy. So far I haven’t been able to reliably ‘outsmart’ myself in this regard, though I generally eat ‘dinner’ around 3 and try to avoid eating until I go to bed (around 9).

Buffets have historically been a problem for me. I actually swore them off for years because I could never leave satisfied: either I was in agony because I had ate so much or I felt I hadn’t got my money’s worth. Only years later did I develop the mental stability to be able to have a plate (sometimes two, but often just one) of food and be satisfied with my experience. I am now able to enjoy a bit of a bunch of my favorite foods and not feel the need to stuff myself to the gills. Sadly, this attitude doesn’t carry over to holiday meals where I tend to belly up to the trough multiple times, then, once the agony has subsided, return with both trotters in.

Naturally, being human and American, it isn’t my fault. It is my parents/genes/society/bad gut microbiome/whatever else I can latch onto’s fault!

Author: Tfoui

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