It’s the victims fault!

Judge Tosses Muslim Spying Suit Against NYPD, Says Any Damage Was Caused by Reporters Who Exposed It

Kind of amazing that someone would go on legal record spouting such nonsense, but then again, this is the sort of thing that happens regularly in our fucked up country (like when one of the richest in the country compare themselves to Jews in Nazi Germany). I suspect that eventually this ‘decision’ (made, as noted, before he bothered hearing oral arguments; why let the facts change his mind?) will get overturned, but it will be several years from now and likely at the Supreme Court (though they have shown somewhat of a willingness to let the federal govt commit as many crimes as it wants in the name of national security, this is a state (actually city) government doing so), but in the mean time this idiot has given cover for all the fascists (can they really be called anything else?) in government and law enforcement to get even more outrageous in their activity.

I was going to make a portentous statement about our looming police state, but is isn’t looming, it is hear and part of our society. We used to have a nice country, a few years ago, or maybe it was them rose covered glasses.

Author: Tfoui

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