The United States: a government of fear, by fear, and for fear

Fifty States of Fear

A very interesting article that sort of consolidates a lot of my own arguments. A bit long for the average web article, but I recommend it to my reader(s). The author alludes to the us of fear by monied interests, which dovetails nicely with my continued rants against the oligarchy. Divide and conquer: the strategy of the elite (can’t call it a conspiracy when they do it right out in the open) is to keep us in fear and in anger against each other. That way we can’t organize to cooperate against them. They have to be terrified of that organization; Russia, France and China are large reminders of what happens when the peasants organize (you can be sure ‘they’ think of ‘us’ (1% vs 99%) that way) so they will work non-stop to keep us in fear. Fear of abortion (pro/anti, it doesn’t matter), guns, ‘terrorists’ (e.g.), lately the poor, etc. Why not global warming? Well that would put them in a position to have to spend money, though you can be 100% certain once one of them thinks of a way to make money off of the fear of global warming the fear level will be ramped up to max.

Not that it matters, humans in general, and seemingly Americans in particular, are so easy to lead, to trigger fear, to trigger self-loathing (where ‘self’ is membership in the 99%), even if I had an audience beyond my 1 or 2 readers (even my wife doesn’t read my blog, but then again, she hears it all orally) I am quite sure nothing fundamental will change. I guess I have the same elite mentality: humans are sheep (sheeple!) that have to be managed and fear is the easiest way to do so. Since collectively we won’t take any time to analyze why we are being led around by the nose, I guess collectively we will continue to be led thus.

Author: Tfoui

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