Authorities getting desperate

Russian man faces weapon of mass destruction charges in Pennsylvania

This is the best they can do? Haven’t heard from the FBI in a while, with their manufactured terrorists, I guess we were due something that would make some good press. This dude sounds like a bit of a knuckle head (I know a lot and have been one from time to time), but a ridiculous far cry from someone producing a WMD with any intent of mass murder.

It reminds me of when a friend got busted for carrying ‘explosives’ when he had train torpedoes in his pocket. Then they added ‘aiding and abetting a minor’ because one of his friends with him was under 18. Of course, this was 30+ years ago, but he didn’t wind up on the front page or on the evening news like this guy did (imagine what would have happened if he were Muslim!).

However, we want the media to assure the credulous sheeple that all our loss of privacy is worth something!

Author: Tfoui

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