Yet another plug for exercise…

Exercise as Potent Medicine

I have noted many times that exercise is good for you (just a few examples):

This article is some additional scientific evidence that exercise is the best medicine (well, the same as medicine). Simple exercise (we aren’t talking about marathons here; just brisk (where ‘brisk’ is based on the individual) walking 30+ minutes a day) works just as well as medicine, costs nearly nothing (got to get some shoes and maybe some gym clothes) and doesn’t require a prescription. Note, though, that it also doesn’t provide any revenue to the medical industrial complex, so don’t expect much support for targeted research to identify the patient-specific ideal combination of exercise.

However, as I hope the above collection of links shows, if you engage in a reasonable amount of physical activity 5+ days per week the probability you can add several healthy years to your life is dramatically higher than getting the same outcome taking drugs.

And it is free!

Author: Tfoui

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