Towel tossing

I have been unable to get any interest in my DNA sequencing project (beyond the one lonely investor who offered to help pay for the patent application). It is quite frustrating to be in the situation where just a little time and effort could produce a product that could totally transform medicine, clinical research and forensics, not to mention make a crap load of money, but I can’t afford to do the research (we are over extended on our greenhouse/pool project) so unless something unexpected happens it looks like it will indeed become a vanity patent.

This has caused me to deeply rethink any other projects I have been thinking about working on that would need any external investment (I am still pursuing the aquaponics, or will be once the greenhouse is finished). According to my MBA education and study of business for the last 3+ decades, my project should be a no-brainer for investors. It is a paltry sum to get ownership on what has a high probability (likely greater than 50%) of being worth 10’s of billions of dollars in just a few years. It is exactly like being offered a chance to buy 20% of Google, Apple or Microsoft stock for a couple of hundred thousand dollars. A simple statistical analysis shows that this sort of investment should be made automatically; the future value of the money invested (taking risk into account, of course) is so high there are likely to be no alternatives that could produce such a return.

Unless my aquaponic efforts pay off I think this is the end of any sort of major effort. Over the last 30 or so years I have put in several man years into business proposals and the marketing thereof with nothing to show for it but frustration and while I might be making excuses to salve my fragile ego, I think it has grown even more difficult to find investors over that period.

Its enough to make me start to believe in conspiracy theories!

Author: Tfoui

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