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Printing Electronics Just Got Easier
A new technique developed by researchers in China allows easier printing of electronic components onto paper.

I think the next decade is going to be as eye popping as the last quarter century (in retrospect; I doubt anyone actually sat around the last two and a half decade each day marveling at things). I have talked about the looming technological singularity a time or twain before, this article is just showing how looming it really is. Still, I can’t help but get excited. Though I have been focusing much of my reading research (and bench research from two decades ago) on tiny, ‘nano’ scale objects and molecules, I am impressed with the idea of working at the macro level as well, when it can be done so quickly, independently and inexpensively (well, that last part is probably not quite there yet). Star Trek replicators might still be centuries away, but it is easy for me to see the trail of bread crumbs leading from hither to yon.

This one I really can’t wait for:


LG Electronics put the world’s first curved OLED television on the South Korean market this month.

Printed with organic light-emitting diodes, the television is just 0.17 inches (4.3 millimeters) thick.

The new model retails for more than US$13,000, but competition may soon bring sticker prices down. DuPont, for example, has previously announced the ability to print its own 50-inch (1.3-meter) set in just two minutes.

I would love to have a whole wall be a light emitting HD screen. I bet Avatar would be even more amazing on a screen that huge!

Author: Tfoui

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