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Overfished and under-protected: Oceans on the brink of catastrophic collapse

I think the reason that people like to harp on global warming is because it is a huge, yet remote problem that involves everyone all over the globe all at once, thus can safely be ignored for now. Overfishing the ocean, on the other hand, is something people could do something about by a simple change in their behavior, yet no one wants to make those changes. I bet that if the US ‘breadbasket’ in the Midwest were to have lost 90% of its yields over the last 100 years (instead of steadily increasing, so much so that farmland is reverting to forest!) people would set up and take notice, but since it is in the ocean and thus out of sight, no one seems to give a damn. This is a big deal, yet articles to discuss it like the one above are rare, almost never trigger discussion and are generally forgotten in minutes. It is articles like this that I started down the road to developing my interest in aquaponics; I am very convinced that at some point in the not-to-distant future (a couple of decades at the most), the cost of sea food is going to explode because the supply will simply cease. If you want fish protein you will have to get it from cultured sources. If I can get off my lazy ass I should be exceptionally well positioned to take advantage of this.

Too bad I am such a lazy worthless bastard!

Author: Tfoui

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