A better LED/OLED

Plastic bulb development promises better quality light

This is interesting and hopefully will be able to quickly get to market. Using “Field-induced polymer electroluminescent technology” (not much on the Wiki page) they claim to produce more light from less energy than compact florescent lights and appear to do so in such a way that the manufacturing costs could be vastly lower than the LED costs today. OLEDs (organic LEDs) have a lifetime problem and also have problems with maximum power output. This idea appears to sidestep many of these issues. Hopefully we are just a couple of years away from having our huge plastic TVs that can be rolled up and taken wherever we go.

BTW, if you want to view the primary literature, it is here:

Effect of multi-walled carbon nanotubes on electron injection and charge generation in AC field-induced polymer electroluminescence

Author: Tfoui

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