FBI foils bomb plot at New York Fed

Sounds like great work by our domestic anti-terrorist agency, eh? Until you read this:

New York Federal Reserve ‘bomb’ plotter ensnared in FBI sting
Federal authorities arrest 21-year-old Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis who they say attempted to detonate a fake bomb supplied by the FBI

Earlier I discuss the FBI inventing terrorists and then getting huge amount of press when they ‘bring down’ the guy they have in total control the whole time. I am happy to note, though, that almost all the articles I have read on this subject greet the FBI’s claims with a huge amount of skepticism and clearly slant the article to make it obvious to readers that the FBI hasn’t done a damn thing to make us safer.

Ain’t America Grand?

Author: Tfoui

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  1. In the same vein, I read that 98% of all domestically eradicated marijuana is feral hemp (ditchweed). The DEA defines it as: “wild, scattered marijuana plants [with] no evidence of planting, fertilizing, or tending.” It has virtually no detectable level of THC.

    The numbers I saw were for 2005: 219 million plants out of 223 million. This would appear to represent a huge waste of money, even if it were worthwhile to eradicate the other 2 million, a “fact” which I doubt.

      1. We pay a lot of high-dollar people whose main goal seems to be to preserve their job rather than do their job. It would make more fiscal sense to put them on the unemployment roll. Sounds harsh, I know, but we’ve gotten way too complacent and flabby.

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