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Food In Smaller Pieces May Help Control Weight

This is a really interesting study to me. Just like the power of the placebo, humans actually have a tremendous ability to convince themselves of things (why I think our electorate is so damn credulous) and research has show, even change the chemistry of their brains which can lead to changes in blood chemistry which might even lead to changes in epigenetic information, thus actual gene expression. Kinda amazing to me. So, to lose weight, cut your portion size, but also cut the size of your plates and utensils. Then, cut the portion into much smaller pieces, and eat it slowly. Presuming you can do this (I am not sure I can, though I haven’t tried very hard), you can probably cut your caloric intake by 10% or even more, which is probably just the perfect amount (particularly if you manage to get some couple of hours a week of moderate exercise) to drop a few pounds a year. That might not sound like much, but over a decade that could amount to 40 lbs, which is huge for most people, particularly since it is so difficult to keep the weight off for most people.

Think your way to a firm, trim, sexy you!

Author: Tfoui

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