NRA government conspiracy

The NRA vs. Eric Holder
The rabidly pro-gun/anti-Obama group is pushing a wild theory – and intimidating some Democrats along the way

This article is quite apropos my last post. It is clear now that the GOP and the NRA (thus the Tea Party) are in fact one in the same and the lies about ‘Fast and Furious’ were made up with the soul intention of embarrassing our President (like him or loath him, he is still ‘our’ President and in a rational world (yes, I know how idiotic that statement is when applied to the US) he would have all of our support even if we disagreed with him).

Personally, I like guns and if I could afford it I would have a .50 cal sniper rifle and would practice with it every day (those rounds can cost nearly $5 a pop, so just practicing needs a deep pocket) until I got good enough to pick off targets at a mile (when I was in the Marine Corps I could hit a man-sized silhouette at 500 meters 8 out of 10 times, though that wasn’t considered exceptional in any way). Having said that, I do think that the NRA’s unyielding objection to any sort of restrictions on guns is idiotic. If someone wants to be a collector and be able to buy and sell hundreds of high powered assault rifles a year, he should be required to register and should keep records of who he bought and sold to. While I think that it should be trivial for anyone to purchase such weapons, I think it should not be trivial to do so several days a week while being homeless and destitute. I can only assume that the NRA wants to support the militia men who advocate armed insurrection against our government, how else to explain their dogged resistance to even the most mild and narrow attempts to keep track of people and identify people who are clearly purchasing guns for black market resale? They claim it is part of a slippery slope, that once any single restriction is put in place then an avalanche of restrictions will follow, but that only reinforces the insanity behind such idiot conspiracies like the one outlined in the article above. I don’t hunt, but I don’t care to give up the option to do so. However, I am happy with being identified as someone who has purchased a gun specified by serial number. The effort to purchase a car is way greater AND that act requires insurance. Surely it is possible for rational people to agree on a level of tracing that raises the bar for black market sales to the point where it becomes trivial to catch criminals yet also allows us (after we win the lotto, of course) to get our automatic weapons and pop off a few (thousand) dollars worth of rounds.

Author: Tfoui

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