Tools to block political BS

5 Ways to Spot a B.S. Political Story in Under 10 Seconds

I highly recommend reading the whole article, but for those of you too busy (or lazy) to read it, here are the highlights…

#5. The Headline Contains the Word “Gaffe”
#4. The Headline Ends in a Question Mark
#3. The Headline Contains the Word “Blasts”
#2. The Headline Is About a “Lawmaker” Saying Something Stupid
#1. The Headline Includes the Phrase “Blow To”

Since it appears that the whole point of modern political reporting is to amplify the left and right’s need to suppress the moderate and independent voter by drowning them in bullshit, this article serves as a handy guide for those who still want to read the “only 17 percent of stories are about stuff that matters”.

Author: Tfoui

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