Law for the 99%

Obama Justice and medical marijuana
The President’s justification for his crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries has to be heard to be believed

I keep hearing this talk about Obama being the most progressive/liberal President in recent memory (whatever the hell that means), but I totally fail to see it. It is just possible that _candidate_ Obama spouted the most liberal/progressive words in recent memory (I am quite sure that would be a very short memory indeed, even if that were the case), but President Obama is Bush Jr., 2.0: new and improved and as badassed as ever. As far as I am concerned (and I come from a conservative Republican background) Obama isn’t even left enough to qualify as a moderate Republican, let alone ‘the most liberal President ever’.

This article above is also a perfect case in point (it also perfectly illustrates the yawning chasm between the justice applied to the 99% vs that applied (well, ‘apply’ implies that there is actual impact, I see almost none) to the 1%. Glenn perfectly captures the idiotic double speak that Obama engages in. When it is convenient for him to adhere to the law, then the law is paramount, at all other times is ‘what law?’.

Author: Tfoui

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