Outsourcing McCarthyism

Outsourcing conservatism
Arizona’s new contraception law shows how the private sphere often leads the way for reactionary policies

What can’t be accomplished from within the government gets done anyway. Using the Constitution to shield un-Constitutional activities, picking and choosing laws, using religious exemptions when it suits them and insisting the US is Christian when it doesn’t. Very nasty behavior of these people. The win-at-all-costs and the Bush-era “you are with us or you are against us” attitude forcing polarization amongst those who likely wouldn’t normally give a damn.

If nothing else, this round of high visibility politics has revealed the ‘conservative’ movement for what it is: a return to the 50’s era where women were expected to be barefoot, pregnant and keeping the house and everything else was “man’s” work and minorities (i.e., those not born white and into wealth) stick to their cotton picking plantations. The whole religious objection to contraception has revealed their true objection to abortion and it has nothing to do with saving lives and everything to do with imposing authority’s control over women. Normally I would predict that this attitude would ensure a landslide loss of the GOP this year but women are sheeple too and it is clear that women are just as eager to believe pleasant lies as men are. Of course, when the other choice is a Constitutional shredding ‘centrist’ (it was just a few years ago everything Obama ‘champions’ today was mainstream GOP) with no desire at all to implement even the slightest speedbumps in the destruction of our economy by the oligarchy it really does boil down to the non-choice choice of death by hanging or death by firing squad.

I really hate to have to say this, but: Go Paul!

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One thought on “Outsourcing McCarthyism”

  1. A total non sequitur triggered by one of your phrases:

    I was once talking to a friend from Oregon and said something about “those cottonpickin’ so-and-sos.” She said, “I guess you know you’re being racist; cotton was picked by enslaved peoples!”

    I said, “Honey, when I was picking cotton around Muleshoe there was no one in the field but us poor white trash and some free Mexicans.”

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