Exercise and get smarter!

How Exercise Fuels the Brain

As if we needed more reasons to exercise, now it makes us smarter! The article didn’t make it clear if you had to bust your ass exercise or if walking for an hour would be good enough. Of course this might not apply to humans, but somehow I doubt they will get permission to microwave the brains of humans just to test this.

I have found that I tend to be more creative when I am moving about, though I find running tends to take just enough thought to pay enough attention that I don’t run into something that I am more creative walking. I have got out of the habit of bike riding, unfortunately, and give that it is nigh on a decade now since I was a regular biker I can’t recall whether biking allowed for more creative thoughts than walking. I try to walk briskly (though I tend to jog slowly, doing pretty good to maintain 6.5 mph), I wonder if that is good enough to trigger the observed results.

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  1. This sounds like a fuel issue. Does that mean that poor thinkers or irrational thinkers will be able to do more of both?

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