Up to now I had ignored Romney’s Mormonism

Mitt and the White Horse Prophecy
A close look at the roots of Romney’s — and the Mormon church’s — political ambitions

I have more or less ignored Mormonism since I learned the basics of their religious belief (to wit, that an angel ‘Moroni’ guided Smith to de-compress the golden plates into the unbelievably verbose result) and didn’t give a damn that Romney was/is a Mormon. That was, until I read the above article. Presuming it is based on fact (I didn’t do any research, but in my experience Salon’s writers tend to be on the up-and-up) it is quite clear that Romney has been groomed since birth to become the Mormon Presidential candidate (which, I guess, helps explain Huntsman dropping out (of course, his crappy poll numbers could explain that as well)). It seems he is considered the embodiment of their “White Horse Prophecy” that they produced when their original man, Smith, was assassinated during his attempt at the White House. Still, does that even matter? Well, I would say that if he made no bones about the prophecy and talked openly about it (which, I am sure, would have torpedoed his run before it started), then no. However, he (as quoted in the article) has specifically denied any association with the prophecy, including being considered as its embodiment. Since it is totally clear to me that Romney will say whatever it takes to get elected (which, of course, just makes him the same old politician that there ever was; why is it so bad to have principles in US politics?) I am now left questioning is he doing that because he is a soulless politician who will lie, cheat and steal, sell us to special interests and chortle all the way to becoming a billionaire president (in other words, just an ordinary politician) or is he part of a conspiracy within the Mormon church to get him installed in our highest office so they can de-secularize our government and put Mormonism as the official religion (which, if I read what the article’s author said correctly, was what Smith was up to so many years ago).

Maybe I won’t sit idly by during the election as until(if) Romney provides answers that make me feel reassured (which I am having problems envisioning what those could be), I don’t think I would want to see this particular Mormon as our President.

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4 thoughts on “Up to now I had ignored Romney’s Mormonism”

  1. I don’t worry about it. No president in this country, at this time, can wield that kind of power.

    I recall when JFK was running that plenty of people in the Bible Belt were proclaiming that, if elected, he would be a mere tool of the Vatican.

    People are already about as fed up with the government as I’ve ever seen them in my mere 71 years. It’s no longer only fringe kooks who talk about TEOTWAWKI OR WTSHTF.

    I expect those who are currently running things and scraping off the cream to continue to run things and scrape off the cream. I also think they’re smart enough to know that their methods are going to have to shift somewhat in order to placate the increased notice that the people are taking.

    For a time there was, for a great many, a chicken in every pot, two or more cars in the garage of the house that would be paid for before retirement age, and some discretionary income to blow on fun and junk.

    Those numbers have shrunk. Those who were never among those numbers are increasingly dissatisfied and vocal. Civil disobedience is again on the rise, and it’s not all peaceful and lawful.

    The current crop of asinine politicians are all addressing the problem of the economy. I haven’t seen any of them addressing it with the seriousness of a real and workable plan, but they know something is up. There’s going to have to be a goodly amount of cajoling and ass-patting in the next few years.

    Fortunately for those in control, the piss-poor educational process works in their favor. It’s a lot easier to fool dummies and the drug-befuddled than it is those who are paying attention.

    1. Yes, but…

      The article also mentioned that there are a lot of Mormons in our government (they don’t drink or gamble (but, interestingly, invest in gambling)) and if I were conspiratorially minded (keep in mind, just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you!), it would suggest that this is potentially the end result of a century plus effort to take over our government. Of course it could be plain bunkum, but since it is looking like Gingrich isn’t going to be the GOP candidate (basically leaving only Romney) I now lack any reason to give a damn about the fall election, so give me this tiny reason to pay attention to politics for the next 9 months.

      1. I don’t question the intent of any religious group to control or strongly influence governments. One only has to look at history.

        On the other hand, throughout my life, the move has been towards increased secularity. No praying in school. No Ten Commandments in the courtroom. Stuff like that.

        Given 15 Mormons in the legislature (including 2 powerful senators), I don’t see how anyone could pull it off.

        There’s no telling what could be brought about by imposing martial law while not triggering a successful revolution, but a religion-controlled government isn’t (I believe) one of them.

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