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Birth Control Matters

This is a big deal, but the topic has been hijacked by people who have no stake in the matter and want to revert us to a reproductive stone age. I recently read an article in the National Geographic (this looks like the article, but I didn’t do more than skim the first couple of paragraphs) about how Brazil’s birth rate had crashed to the point that in just one generation they now have legitimate reasons to be worried about keeping the population from _decreasing_. This was attributed to women gaining control over their family planning and the vast majority of them deciding that 1 or perhaps 2 would be fine. They are also putting off having children until much later (late 20’s instead of mid to late teens) which has the additional effect of those children being brought into a more stable financial environment. All this in a strongly Catholic country that frowns on abortion. So why is it so impossible here to promote birth control? Why is it that we are finding situations like those mentioned in the article above? I think too many people are allowing too few to speak for them and since our media reports only those who yell the loudest, the sheeple get a skewed idea of society’s wants.

Of course, I guess I could be totally wrong, perhaps the vocal minority does indeed represent the sheeple.

Author: Tfoui

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