Interesting thoughts on morality

Good Minus God

The author interestingly seems to conclude that atheists have the potential to make more and better moral decisions because they are atheists when compared to theists because of theists belief in god as the arbiter of morality. I can see this easily in the justifications many promulgate for the focus on Muslims in this ‘war on terror’ (really, just an excuse to install a police state). Our actions are OK because we do them in the name of our god while their actions are evil because they do them in the name of their god.

Years ago I decided to write down my own thoughts on god and religion and put it here:

Essays on Faith

I put a lot of thought into the article in an attempt to communicate my belief system and had hoped to prompt some discussion with friends, but, alas, it was the beginning of my realization that no one ever bothers to read my stuff anyway. A very good friend of mine (good old Doug Cloud, may he rest in peace) and I used to have lots of philosophical discussions (some of them running right off the rails, but that was part of the fun) and I had sort of ‘leaked’ my beliefs over time and thought would codify them. Maybe this post will trigger some of my reader(s) to take a look at it.

Author: Tfoui

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