Another experiment…

This will be my third attempt to generate some interest in my maunderings.  I and a friend started the Waxology web site (, but it sort of fizzled.  I also tried for a bit at Rant ( (a couple at the performance enhancing drug blog here:  I have some of my writings here:, but there is no facility for feedback.  The last few months I have been sending emails to a group of friends with links to articles I find and find interesting, often along with a bit of commentary.  Partly as a way to make this available to others who might be interested and partly to give them a way to opt out of getting my emails, I felt I would give this type of venue a try, this time on my own blog.

Hopefully you will find my eclectic musing interesting enough to sign up for notifications (at least I presume that function is possible, I have never really done any blogging before).  Ideally you will be so interested from time to time to contribute with comments from time to time.  I am not very sophisticated about web marketing (despite having my own web sites for over a decade) so if you feel like promoting my site please feel free.

I will start by rehashing a lot of my old emails, so initially there will be a bit of a flood.  Afterward I will probably do a handful a week.  Sometimes there is a flood, other times a drought, it all depends on how the news strikes me.