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-- Updated May 31, 2022 --

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My Stack Overflow CV.
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For those of you interested in a more narrative approach to my eclectic background, here is a bit of an IT Autobiography
I have a TS/SCI with CI and FSP


C, C++, Java, Perl, Python, Visual Basic, SQL, Sybase, SQLServer, MySQL, Postgrsql, CVS, SVN, CND, CNO Framework, TCP/IP, Ethernet, Wireshark, IPv6, XML, ASN.1, CGI, Solaris, UNIX, Linux, Ubuntu, RedHat, Object Oriented Programming/Design, Intrusion Detection (IDS/Snort), Program/Process Optimization, Multi-threading/processing, Bioinformatics, Genetic/Evolutionary Algorithms/Programs, Machine Learning, Simulations, Scrum, Telecommunications, STM / Synchronous Transport Module, bitHDLC, shared memory. TS/SCI w/FSP.

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