Thank you for visiting my sample code page.

Here I hope you will find useful information and/or example programs that you can use as either directly or with modification, for learning or experimentation.

At various times I have contributed to these forums under the alias 'mitakeet':

After I left the DevShed I was unable to develop the sense of community I had there and after a few months I finally just ground to a halt. A lot of the effort I put into these pages was a direct result of my participation on these forums, but other interestes are comming to the fore.

Here are links to webpages maintained by my fellow (ex) DevShed-ers:

In case this impresses someone, I was 'elected' into Microsofts 2003-2005 'MVP' program (Most Valuable Professional) in the Visual C++ category.

My resume in case you are interested.

My blog, the Fount of Useless Information.

My LinkedIn page in case you are interested.

Last updated on October 31, 2011

All code is hereby placed in the public domain, use as you will.

No warrantee expressed or implied, use at your own risk!

If you find problems or would like to offer comments, please contact me at koxenrider[at]sol[dash]biotech[dot]com.

In case you find my writing interesting, amusing or perhaps even thought provoking, you may be interested in a message board where I and some friends try to get a group of people interested in civil debate on eclectic topics. It is here: Waxology.
Information Security related items (I was a CISSP from December of 2003 to December 2006): Security related C/C++ items: A little writeup on diagnosing and detecting memory bounds violations (buffer overflows): BufferOverflows.html.

C/C++ programs:

SQL scripts (Work on MS SQLServer and likely Sybase): HTML/CGI scripts: Visual Basic (6.0) programs: