Yes, but will anyone actually listen?

Finally, A Rich American Destroys The Fiction That Rich People Create The Jobs

I find these statements dead on. Rich people do not consume more than other people and tend to make very conservative investments that rarely lead to …

It isn’t the idea that is bad, it is the implementation!

The Cellulosic Ethanol Debacle
Congress mandated purchase of 250 million gallons in 2011. Actual production: 6.6 million.

Yes, what is described in the article (forcing refineries to buy products, then penalizing them when they can’t because the products don’t …

Don’t blame the ball players for their silly-assed salaries!

Executive pay: Don’t blame the CEO
Yes, huge stock-based compensation packages have distorted the incentives for executives. But CEOs aren’t to blame, their bosses are.

Just like ball players asking for huge salaries, CEOs are just out trying to …