Shocking! Autism nearly doubles in 5 years!

One in 50 School-Aged Children in U.S. Has Autism: CDC
Significant increase in the prevalence of the condition over the past five years, researchers say

Personally I find this report totally bogus on a number of fronts. That the …

Make us safer, go to jail!

Expose A Blatant Security Hole In AT&T’s Servers, Get 3.5 Years In Jail

I didn’t look beyond this article, so it is entirely possible that it is slanted so in favor of the accused that a balanced view would …

Too big to fail about to be addressed?

Live-Blogging Senate Hearing Tomorrow, When J.P. Morgan Chase Will Be Torn a New One

I have complained off and on about this idiotic ‘too big to fail’ crap for years (now we have “too big to jail” …

Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence

So I happen across this article:

Scientists Publish Controversial Paper About Extra-Terrestrial Life on Meteorites

and think to myself, “that is quite interesting that there should be such ‘definitive’ evidence of extraterrestrial life and I am only finding out …

Success happens when you have a coincidence of talent, resources, and timing

Management/Success/Leadership: Mostly Bullshit

Scott Adams sometimes has very thought provoking things to say. Sometimes it is just bla bla bla (I am quite guilty of the same), but, as is said, the broken clock is right twice a day, …