Will you be next?

Will I be next? Our police state is working diligently to eliminate any sort of questioning of its actions. This is a critical issue to regaining our freedom as a representative democracy (if you think we live in one now you are living in a fantasy land (but so many are!)). I really encourage my reader(s) to follow the link below and read the entire article. Any regular reader(s) here know we are well down the path, perhaps irreversibly so, but perhaps reading the article will motivate you to forward it (or my post) and get a wider audience. Challenge your complacent friends/family/etc. to read the article and debate it. Perhaps our society really does want a police state (in which case I need to get outta here), but more likely our fellow men and women are instead guilty of willful ignorance (or butt ugly stupidity) and have so far refused to know. The main stream media goes out of its way to downplay or even totally ignore these sorts of things, without the Internet I doubt anyone would know.

The persecution of Barrett Brown – and how to fight it
The journalist and Anonymous activist is targeted as part of a broad effort to deter and punish internet freedom activism

Author: Tfoui

He who spews forth data that could be construed as information...