Another view to the high price of education

Tuition is too damn high
Government is to blame for rising higher education costs — but not for the reasons the GOP tells you

Our society has decided (or rather the oligarchy that controls the sheeple that is our society) that the taxpayer should no longer subsidize public education (it will, however, guarantee that for-profit universities get obscenely rich off the backs of ignorant students and that profit guaranteed by the tax payer). Just like our society no longer wants to do maintenance on roads, bridges or other infrastructure, we don’t want to do any maintenance on our collective knowledge. Instead we simply rely on the firm conviction that we are the most exceptional country in the world with the biggest economy and everyone else will have to do our bidding or we will send our mercenaries (sorry, I mean our all-volunteer army) to kick their asses and take what we want anyway. All on borrowed dollars that eventually will have to be repaid by the shrinking middle class.

But hey, if you really don’t like that, then simply change the government, eh? This is a democracy isn’t it?

Author: Tfoui

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