Americans Have Put On 20 Pounds In 20 Years

Americans Have Put On 20 Pounds In 20 Years

This is horrifying in a different way. Not only are we turning into a nation of lard-asses, but it seems we are convincing ourselves that it is OK for us to be such fat blobs. The article is very interesting reading, but I felt that linking to the images they provide would summarize the information quite nicely:

Image 'borrowed' from the site
Image 'borrowed' from site

So our perception of our fat blob-by bodies seems to have taken too much from the anti-anorexia campaigns. Instead of simply targeting the skinny chicks who need to eat more, it seems that collectively we have all decided that we need to eat more and pack on more pounds. I freely admit (as is clear to anyone who sees me) that I am also a lard-ass and while I try to combat the bulge (mostly via exercise, I walk/jog 10-20 miles a week) I have been largely unsuccessful in the decade plus since I have emotionally accepted I am a fat pig. If I am someone who cares about being fat and I am struggling so hard, what about those who don’t give a damn? What else can they do but get bigger. My worry is they (we) are all happy about becoming the people in WALL-E and the battle against the bulge is already lost.

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