A bit obscure

But to me interesting in the future potential…

Scientists Of University Of Cambridge Devise Flexible Collective Osmotic Shock (COS) Method
Scientists of the University of Cambridge have published a novel research, demonstrating a novel flexible collective osmotic shock (COS) method for creating nanoporous materials, in the journal “Nature Materials”. The nanoporous substances can be used in wide range of applications from water purification devices to chemical sensors.

The article hints at how the approach might wind up being useful and I am starting to see how nano-scale manufacturing might be made practical on a larger scale. It is still not practical to have fine control over nano-scale assembly (the best approach I know about gets down to 1-5 nanometers (electron/ion beam lithography) which is still 10’s to 100’s of atoms) but I am thinking that for highly repetitive structures we might be on the verge of something great in the next decade or so.

Author: Tfoui

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