I’m baaaaaack!

We took a week off over Thanksgiving partly to work on the greenhouse pool project (http://sol-system.com/koxenrider/property/greenhousepool/ if you find yourself with too much time on your hands) and partly to spend time with my mom. I got very sore and very muddy (since the pit takes too long to dry out, if we were going to get anything done it would be in mud) but made some small visible progress. My mom took an action shot of my wife Eliz man handling (woman handling?) our new jack hammer cleaning out the loose rock in one of the footer holes (the extensive rock is a major element why we are still working on the foundation after 7 months:

Eliz in Action

Now that I am back at work I expect my posting to pick up some steam, so those of you (are there any of you?) seeking my viewpoint should have some fodder to work with.

As a by the by, for those of you who do read my stuff, anyone care to show interest in a concept I have been working on: the pure virtual economy? Basically it boils down to this: since automation is putting more and more people out of work there are fewer and fewer ‘real’ jobs (jobs that require a physical presence and the coordination of human hand-eye activity) we are rapidly approaching the point where we will need to rely on people who get paid to do non-physical stuff (like write blog posts ;-)).  For instance, the employees of Google are a perfect example of what I am talking about.  They have no product, no manufacturing and no presence in the physical world (beyond their headquarters (which could just be photo-shopped)).  In order for our current economy to work, people need to consume (that is why our US economy is still in the doldrums, most consumers are reluctant to spend either because they are currently unemployed or are worried about becoming unemployed) and in order for people to consume, they need to be paid.  Take that to its logical conclusion (and the point of my article), people eventually are paid pure and simple to consume and that consumption creates the virtuous cycle that leads to a functioning economy.  I have thought about the idea for a while now and have been on the verge of writing something down, but haven’t got enough activation energy yet.  Perhaps some readers encouraging me might do the trick…

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