Web Page Counters in C/C++
You are vistor number since 11/18/2003.

The above is a C++ implementation of Microsoft's DIB or Device Independant Bitmap for counter display. MS decided not to continue support for XBitmaps in IE (for whatever reason) and the counter code below no longer would display the counts (it still recorded and incremented the counts, though). The bitmaps created can have the foreground and background altered quite easily in the code (I have bgcolor set as white and letter color set as black in my implementation), though as the code stands it is hard-coded.

This program will display in an autogenerated x-bitmap the counts as recorded in a file and increment if appropriate. It had to be rewritten because Internet Explorer no longer supports this display type (see above).

A program to show you all the counts recorded with the above program along with the time/date of the most recent hit.

These programs are written in plain ANSI C with a couple of #ifdefs for moving between Windows and *NIX. They should be secure from hackers, but if you find a problem, please let me know ASAP at koxenrider[at]sol[dash]system[dot]com.