The pill, the automobile and the Internet

What killed social conservatism?
Technological progress has made it impossible for conservatives to obscure the truth about Americans’ sex lives

Really interesting article that (to me) seems to provide a deep insight to the right-wing way of thought. I …

Repeat the lie often enough and it become Truth!

Behind the Right’s Phony War on the Nonexistent Religion of Secularism

This quote kind of says it all:

“Mothers have long observed that after the first child starts school, the rest of the family starts catching more colds and

Analytical thinking incompatible with religion?

Thinking can undermine religious faith, study finds
Those who think more analytically are less inclined to be religious believers than are those who tend to follow a gut instinct, researchers conclude.,0,5374010.story

Something sure to rile up the religious right, …

Outsourcing McCarthyism

Outsourcing conservatism
Arizona’s new contraception law shows how the private sphere often leads the way for reactionary policies

What can’t be accomplished from within the government gets done anyway. Using the Constitution to shield un-Constitutional activities, picking and choosing …