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Binge eating = fat belly

Skipping meals could lead to fat gain, research suggests I didn’t get ‘skipping meals leads to fat gain’ from the article, instead I saw ‘binge eating leading to a bloated belly’. I am certainly guilty of binge eating. When … Continue reading

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Octopus camouflage bypasses brain, eyes

Octopuses can ‘see’ with their skin – completely bypassing their eyes and brains The same light-sensitive pigment found in their eyes exists in their skin—5733629 This is not unexpected to me, I have seen videos of octopi moving onto … Continue reading

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Liquid metal antenna…

Team Designs Liquid Metal Antenna Twice as Powerful than a Regular One Interesting idea. I was intrigued to note this passage: “NCSU researchers have long shown a special interest in liquid metal devices…”. I guess they just think the … Continue reading

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This one took a few seconds…

I recently learned that the ‘punchline’ often required a mouse-over, give it a try… Even after reading the mouse-over text I still had to think about it for a few more seconds (I was clueless entirely until the mouse-over), but, … Continue reading

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Positioning is key

This is a follow on to a previous post… Over the weekend I discussed the positioning of my writing as ‘erotic romance’ with my wife. I was not sure how I felt about the sex scenes I had written or … Continue reading

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Beta readers

In the off chance that any of my reader(s) are interested, I thought I would throw out a request: Anyone want to be a ‘beta reader‘ for my erotic romance thriller? At the beginning of this year I started to … Continue reading

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Firm handshake = longer life

A handshake can reveal how long you will live How likely you are to die in the next few years could be judged from your handshake, new research shows. I doubt this is causative, almost certainly correlative (meaning a … Continue reading

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Dress riddle

I have to imagine everyone has seen it by now, the dress that appears to be blue/black to certain people and gold/brown to others, well it seems it has to do to what kind of light you are most used … Continue reading

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Burn it! Burn it all down!

How to demolish the oligarchy in 3 easy steps American democracy has been tainted by lobbying and corporate interests. How do we fix it? Blow it all up This is a nice clean summary of some of the pivotal … Continue reading

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Physicists ‘skeptical’ of global warming

Semantic battle among physicists forces a restatement of their stance on climate change Semantics is very important in science and I agree that the 2007 version was non-scientific: The evidence is incontrovertible: Global warming is occurring. If no mitigating … Continue reading

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