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So sad…

When charter schools are nonprofit in name only Many institutions are paying for-profit companies for management services, and regulators are taking notice The rich get richer, the taxpayer takes it in the ass. Ain’t America Grand? has decided … Continue reading

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Been busy

It is a nice change of pace that my days are going by so fast that I don’t have time to blog. However, there are a number of topics I would like to blog on (I won’t list the links … Continue reading

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Now the GOP must put up, else be shut up in two years

Another rambling post… Lots of talk about a GOP landslide with the last election (man I was getting tired of those damn ads!), but I believe the reality is that if the GOP can’t make something positive happen for the … Continue reading

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Finally! An explanation!

The big “middle class” rip-off: How a short sale taught me rich people’s ethics So many of us are clueless about business and finance. Here’s why that’s just the way the investment class likes it An interesting article that … Continue reading

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When things worked as planned…

The Astonishing Story of the Federal Reserve on 9-11 Yes, I know that the Fed really isn’t part of the govt, so this really isn’t praise for the govt, but it is an amazing read and remarkably gripping considering … Continue reading

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Well said

U.S. Falling Into the Islamic State’s Trap This post almost exactly echos my thoughts about these ISIS (or whatever they call themselves) dewds in Iraq: they are going to fade away if they can’t get the US to attack … Continue reading

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Legalized theft

The real Olive Garden scandal: Why greedy hedge funders suddenly care so much about breadsticks Remember that “hilarious” report last week ripping the chain eatery to pieces? The back story will infuriate you This is really the core problem … Continue reading

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Not so bad after all…

Crystals Reveal Early Earth Wasn’t as ‘Hellish’ as Previously Thought It is increasingly being held that there was water on the surface of the early Earth, possibly even before the impact that created the moon. During the late heavy … Continue reading

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Artificial spleen

Next Generation: Blood-Cleansing Device An external device that mimics the structure of a spleen can cleanse the blood of rats with acute sepsis, ridding the fluid of pathogens and toxins.–Blood-Cleansing-Device/ A cool idea, but an interesting caveat: Fink cautioned … Continue reading

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Is Skynet really something to worry about?

When machines outsmart humans I suppose someone should worry about this sort of thing, but much like the The Cambridge Project for Existential Risk I think it is largely a total waste of time (for society, of course; for … Continue reading

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