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Where there is money, a will and a way will follow

I found this on Bruce Schneier’s blog: Fingerprinting Computers By Making Them Draw Images Here’s a new way to identify individual computers over the Internet. The page instructs the browser to draw an image. Because each computer draws the image … Continue reading

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Take out the messenger

FedEx indicted for shipping drugs sold online Since the government can’t do its job properly it decides to go after someone it can reach in its laziness. I like this quote from FedEx: “We continue to stand ready and … Continue reading

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“If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.”

Why the GOP really wants to defund IRS Hint: It’s not about punishing administrative incompetence. Back from my week long ‘vacation’ (the bulk of which was 10-12 hours a day of back breaking work (in sauna-like temps) to get … Continue reading

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Sorry for the quiet

I have been readjusting to being a working stiff again (though that doesn’t explain why I was so quiet when I was on the dole) and haven’t been keeping up with news very much. I read an interesting (older) article … Continue reading

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Finally! A start date!

After almost exactly 3 months on the dole and almost a month since I signed on the dotted line, I finally have a start date. The agency is nothing if not inefficient and cumbersome! They canceled my badge because I … Continue reading

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Oh yes, lets use Helium!

Meet the BAT, an airborne wind turbine At first the idea of a lighter-than-air product to reach the higher energy winds at higher altitude makes a great deal of sense, but the use of helium makes it a really … Continue reading

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A step towards synthetic life

Augmenting the Genetic Alphabet For the first time, synthetic DNA base pairs are replicated within living bacteria. Scary? Perhaps, but going down this path opens up a revolution in biotech that makes what has come before look like the … Continue reading

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But a company can’t to go jail!

Feds wrestle with ‘too big to jail’ I talk about “too big to jail” here from time to time. The core of the problem remains this idiotic notion of a corporate entity being ‘human’. You can’t put a company … Continue reading

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A nice explanation for how high frequency trading makes its outsized gains: Trading in Milliseconds: When Correlations Break Down In the comments (most of the comments on his blog are intelligent) is another nice analogy: It would be … Continue reading

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Microbiome being hacked away by antibiotics

The antibiotics that could kill you I talk about the dangers associated with antibiotics from time to time, this is an opinion piece that sort of wraps things up, but in a more personal nature. I am now pretty … Continue reading

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