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Home Sick

I’m recovering from some sort of virus. As I lay down to take a nap on Monday I felt perfectly fine, when I got up from the nap I felt poorly. I worked a half day on Tuesday, then went … Continue reading

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Long dark tea-time of the soul

Well, perhaps not as poetic as the title, but it has been a strange trip. My job search appears to be resolved, I’m supposed to get briefed on Monday and back in the vault. I’ve been on the payroll already, … Continue reading

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Three months! Wow! Quite a few things have happened, this will be another long and rambling post… First, some good news: My patent was officially granted on Dec. 29, 2015. You can see it in all its glory here: … Continue reading

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So, so very quiet…

Why so quiet? Well, I got a ‘cease and desist’ email at work. Apparently they actually _do_ monitor our network activity. Anyway, I was told to knock it off, so I knocked it off. That meant, though, that I had … Continue reading

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Step away from the salad bar!

So no one gets hurt! Why salad is so overrated Tamar is an interesting writer (her blog, the rest of her writing at the Post). She often takes a controversial subject in the world of food and does in-depth … Continue reading

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Elevator to spaaayyyycccceeee!

Space elevator could take astronauts into the stratosphere Canadian firm granted patents for elevator designed to reach 20km above Earth Their space elevator idea has some promise, but I expect it is still $100’s of millions, if not billions, … Continue reading

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Good news, bad news

The latest on my vanity patent: After much back and forth-ing with the examiner and his supervisor it seems my claims are being approved. That’s the good news. That’s it. The rest is bad news… The bad news is the … Continue reading

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Burning to live longer

Study: Can Spicy Food Actually Increase Life Span? Would you eat chili peppers 2-4 times a week to live 10-14% longer? I love the taste going in, but can’t stand the burn going out. Even with bidets, all I … Continue reading

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Insecure IoT

Vulnerabilities in Brink’s Smart Safe This is far from shocking to anyone who has studied infosec. More of a total yawn, actually. Clueless people racing to claim market segments are naturally going to trip over complex things like security. … Continue reading

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Designer Virus’

Ancient Viruses as Gene Therapy Vectors Researchers deploy ancestors of today‚Äôs adeno-associated viruses to deliver gene therapies without immune system interference. The interesting thing to me is that the _exact same_ techniques can be used to produce a variant … Continue reading

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