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Step away from the salad bar!

So no one gets hurt! Why salad is so overrated Tamar is an interesting writer (her blog, the rest of her writing at the Post). She often takes a controversial subject in the world of food and does in-depth … Continue reading

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Elevator to spaaayyyycccceeee!

Space elevator could take astronauts into the stratosphere Canadian firm granted patents for elevator designed to reach 20km above Earth Their space elevator idea has some promise, but I expect it is still $100’s of millions, if not billions, … Continue reading

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Good news, bad news

The latest on my vanity patent: After much back and forth-ing with the examiner and his supervisor it seems my claims are being approved. That’s the good news. That’s it. The rest is bad news… The bad news is the … Continue reading

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Burning to live longer

Study: Can Spicy Food Actually Increase Life Span? Would you eat chili peppers 2-4 times a week to live 10-14% longer? I love the taste going in, but can’t stand the burn going out. Even with bidets, all I … Continue reading

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Insecure IoT

Vulnerabilities in Brink’s Smart Safe This is far from shocking to anyone who has studied infosec. More of a total yawn, actually. Clueless people racing to claim market segments are naturally going to trip over complex things like security. … Continue reading

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Designer Virus’

Ancient Viruses as Gene Therapy Vectors Researchers deploy ancestors of today‚Äôs adeno-associated viruses to deliver gene therapies without immune system interference. The interesting thing to me is that the _exact same_ techniques can be used to produce a variant … Continue reading

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Life companions: you and your microbiome

The Sum of Our Parts Putting the microbiome front and center in health care, in preventive strategies, and in health-risk assessments could stem the epidemic of noncommunicable diseases. This is a really interesting article that sums up the evolving … Continue reading

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PIXAR’s life lessons

8 Dark Life Lessons Kids Learn From Pixar Films While there are a large number of articles at Cracked that are funny, every now and again you get one that is funny and thoughtful. Actually I take that back: … Continue reading

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Living in a Vacuum

The Judgy Bubble Yet another interesting post by Scott. If you show to other people that you will be an asshole if they reveal certain information, what is the chance they will do so? Pretty slim, wouldn’t you think? … Continue reading

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Poopy plants

With Sonar-Reflecting Leaves, Plant Lures Bats to Poo in it This is a cool case of evolution. The plants have evolved to basically be flashing lights to bats and their echolocation which lead to selection for larger, dryer traps, … Continue reading

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