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Life companions: you and your microbiome

The Sum of Our Parts Putting the microbiome front and center in health care, in preventive strategies, and in health-risk assessments could stem the epidemic of noncommunicable diseases. This is a really interesting article that sums up the evolving … Continue reading

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PIXAR’s life lessons

8 Dark Life Lessons Kids Learn From Pixar Films While there are a large number of articles at Cracked that are funny, every now and again you get one that is funny and thoughtful. Actually I take that back: … Continue reading

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Living in a Vacuum

The Judgy Bubble Yet another interesting post by Scott. If you show to other people that you will be an asshole if they reveal certain information, what is the chance they will do so? Pretty slim, wouldn’t you think? … Continue reading

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Poopy plants

With Sonar-Reflecting Leaves, Plant Lures Bats to Poo in it This is a cool case of evolution. The plants have evolved to basically be flashing lights to bats and their echolocation which lead to selection for larger, dryer traps, … Continue reading

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Victimless punishment

Eric Holder, Wall Street Double Agent, Comes in From the Cold Barack Obama’s former top cop cashes in after six years of letting banks run wild Funny, you don’t hear any libertarians or Tea Partiers carping about this, just … Continue reading

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Beware Pita!

TEMPEST Attack As usual for Schneier’s blog, the comments are at least as interesting as the article. I haven’t blogged on infosec in a while (true, I haven’t blogged in a while, but I was out all last week … Continue reading

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Making bail unattainable

Jailed for Being Broke A broken bail system makes poor defendants collateral damage in modern policing strategies More proof of the great country we all live in. Matt, once again, has an excellent article that should be required reading … Continue reading

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“Diary of a Contract Killer”

An update to those interested in beta reading my first novel attempt… I am ‘finished’ writing and reached a bit over 67K words or around 270 pages. Well, finished, in the sense that I have covered all the plot points … Continue reading

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Ten Percent of Canadian Women Raped on Campus Every Year!

Women trained to resist sexual assault far less likely to be raped: study My jaw fell open when I read this: One year later, those who took the EAAA had experienced 46 per cent fewer completed rapes (5.2 per … Continue reading

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Being Muslim in America

Major Questions Remain Unanswered in Boston Killing of Alleged ISIS Beheading Plotter I have been on the verge of commenting on this several times. It is interesting to me that the only place I am seeing this sort of … Continue reading

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