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Making bail unattainable

Jailed for Being Broke A broken bail system makes poor defendants collateral damage in modern policing strategies More proof of the great country we all live in. Matt, once again, has an excellent article that should be required reading … Continue reading

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“Diary of a Contract Killer”

An update to those interested in beta reading my first novel attempt… I am ‘finished’ writing and reached a bit over 67K words or around 270 pages. Well, finished, in the sense that I have covered all the plot points … Continue reading

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Ten Percent of Canadian Women Raped on Campus Every Year!

Women trained to resist sexual assault far less likely to be raped: study My jaw fell open when I read this: One year later, those who took the EAAA had experienced 46 per cent fewer completed rapes (5.2 per … Continue reading

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Being Muslim in America

Major Questions Remain Unanswered in Boston Killing of Alleged ISIS Beheading Plotter I have been on the verge of commenting on this several times. It is interesting to me that the only place I am seeing this sort of … Continue reading

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Vanity patent update

For those of my reader(s) following my ‘vanity’ patent (see, in order, here, here, here and here), here is an update… At the instigation of a soon-to-be brother-in-law (thanks Wil!) I revisited my patent application after it was rejected. My … Continue reading

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Take THAT, Creationists: proof of human evolution

Adapting to Arsenic Andean communities may have evolved the ability to metabolize arsenic, a trait that could be the first documented example of a toxic substance acting as an agent of natural selection in humans. Really interesting article showing … Continue reading

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Someone gave the moon a swirly!

Mysterious Lunar Swirls on the Moon May be Caused by Crashing Comets This is the first I have heard of this, but it seems it is an old ‘problem’. I guess the idea is since the comet has a … Continue reading

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Sailing stones, Mark II

Mystery Behind the ‘Sailing’ Stones of Death Valley Unveiled I mention sailing stones before and my theory at the time was water, pushed by winds, would move the stones. It seems the new research supports that idea but also … Continue reading

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Amazon causing literature to degrade?

More reasons to hate Amazon: Ursula Le Guin is right about their model of books as commodities “written fast, sold cheap, dumped fast” The online bookseller does more than just shut down indie bookstores, says the venerable fantasy author … Continue reading

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Outlaw paper shredders!

Congressman Warns of Encrypted “Dark Spaces”; Another Says: “Ooooh It Sounds Really Scary” “The notion that encryption is somehow different than other forms of destroying and hiding things is simply not true,” Lieu told The Intercept. “Forty years ago, … Continue reading

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