Lets make it even easier for people to get fleeced!

SEC lifts ban on hedge fund ads

There appeared to be a brief period where, after costing the US economy at least $22 trillion dollars and probably no less than twice that in the global economy, where some regulation …

Yet another Constitutional Amendment that will go nowhere

Keep states’ hands off your right to vote

In the list of things-that-ain’t-gonna-happen this has to rank near the top. Our government only agrees on two things: reducing privacy and giving massive taxpayer handouts to millionaires and billionaires. Other …

What happens when you put morons in charge

Federal agency spent $3 million fighting non-existent malware

Even more interesting than the $3 million thrown away was that the agency wanted to toss another almost $30 million after it:

The report has a silver lining: Government watchdogs eventually