Patent progress

Some progress on my vanity patent… The application was submitted last Friday, though I am not totally clear if this is a provisional patent (sort of like a place holder and only gets you established for priority (if you file the real deal within 18 months)) or the full application. I am meeting with the lawyer on Wednesday to talk about licensing the idea (yes, it will be a challenge to get backers for what is pretty much just vapor ware, but really, am I going to be taken seriously even with a working prototype?) and will nail down that bit of uncertainty.

According to my lawyer my application is still ‘secret’ so I can’t show it to anyone without an NDA. The application is easy to read, which makes me think it is a provisional one since most patents are so much gibberish and legalese to me. The drawings (taken for the most part from my stuff) seem to make sense also. Maybe I am just getting used to reading patents. I recall the first few I looked at decades ago, they might as well have been in ancient Greek for all the information communicated to me.

Such a slow process! I expect that even if I do ‘win the lotto’ it will be late summer or fall before I am able to finally focus full-time on the project. Unlike the real lotto, though, I at least should have some signs that things are moving in a positive, productive manner in the mean time.

Author: Tfoui

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