A new paradigm in learning?

A $1 million bet on students without teachers

I have a very strong objection to increasing the power of the “educational industrial complex“. I also have a strong objection to the current US paradigm of deliberately destroying …

Flu vaccine = total waste of time, money and resources

Does the Vaccine Matter?

Personally I never felt the flu vaccine was worth a damn because every time I got one I felt like total crap for several days and didn’t see how there was any sort of payoff …

More on the importance of the microbiome

Connection between dirty diapers, childhood health

I wrote earlier about the potentially huge issues regarding the microbiome, this article shows its importance starts at the very earliest days. Normal birth (i.e., vaginal) gives a ‘gift’ of a bacterial culture …

Diet soda just as deadly as the real thing

Study: Diet Soda Increases the Risk of Diabetes. Why Do We Still Drink This Stuff?

Earlier I mentioned some science that shows that diet sodas make you drunker than regular soda, this time it is research that indicates …