Leadership is the primary question and Mr. Romney is showing none!

(This title was taken from one of the comments on the article, I felt it was quite apropos.)

Did Romney enable company’s abusive tax shelter?

In the unlikely even that I have any Romney supporters amongst my reader(s), here is more evidence that this guy is a much worse evil than the evil guy currently in office. This guy (Romney) is clearly intent on maximizing profits at the expense of society. Is this the sort of person who you would want as President? When someone clearly thinks that paying taxes in a society is for suckers, how can anyone think that same person will have the greatest good for the greatest number in mind? Taxes are part of the payment for a civil society; somehow government has to be paid for and only idiots who have never studied human nature think that all governments are bad things (granted there are wide ranges of government, but even Saddam Hussein brought power, water, education, freedom of religion and women’s rights to his country (and Hitler created those awesome autobahns, which lead to Eisenhower creating our awesome (but deteriorating) Interstate system)). We can all argue over the correct level of government, but Romney seems to sincerely think that government itself is bad. What so many rich anti-government people conveniently forget is that without a strong government and fairly applied laws, none of them would have got or stayed wealthy.

BTW, for those of you interested in what the heck ‘son of BOSS’ is, here is the Wiki link.

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2 thoughts on “Leadership is the primary question and Mr. Romney is showing none!”

    1. It is a battle between evils, that is for certain. I view the current office holder as slightly less evil (from a society point of view) than the challenger, but I assure you, in this race to the bottom they are very close.

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