Did you know the word ‘gullible’ isn’t in the dictionary?

I first read this post by Scott Adams:

Quantifying Gullibility

Which lead me to read the article he referenced:

Research Pinpoints Brain’s ‘Gullibility’ Center
Changes in this region could explain why seniors, children are less doubting

I admit …

For those still supporting Romney…

Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital
How the GOP presidential candidate and his private equity firm staged an epic wealth grab, destroyed jobs – and stuck others with the bill

Much as I …

It is amazing how much science already knows, if it just had the wit to search for it

I started reading this Cracked article:

The 6 Cruelest Science Experiments Ever (Were Done on Kids)

The first entry, “#6. Put Kids in the Wilderness, Make Them Go to War” was interesting enough for me to click on the …

It is more than a million, of that I am sure!

How Can One Million People Be This Dumb?

I have been exposed to the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) industry for most of my life. My parents were quite into various such organizations over the years and I admit to trying …

A different take on the power of the elite

The closing of American academia
The plight of adjunct professors highlights the end of higher education as a means to prosperity.

Just like there is the GOP complaint toward the Democrats (and Beatles refrain) “tax the rich until there …