Another idea for a low-powered probe

Inside a Martian tumbleweed rover

This is apropos my post yesterday. I wonder if it is possible to make this thing somewhat directional. I imagine you could put flaps or something whose angle could be altered to produce more resistance on one side of the vehicle than another which could provide some crude steering and I can also imagine doing something to alter the center of gravity as well. Plus, if the structure were inflatable (as opposed to rigid, but flexible), you could potentially send several in a single space probe and then have them wander the planet’s surface somewhat independently.

I have always thought that scientists would still make dramatic discoveries if they had to work with tiny budgets, they would just have to be more creative. Great science doesn’t have to come with multi-billion dollar price tags, though I can state from personal experience having a steady paycheck and at least a modest long-term budget makes a huge difference toward allowing the creativity necessary to come up with these sorts of inexpensive ways to explore nature.

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