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As if proof was needed

Scientists confirm existence of ‘old person smell’ It is not all old people that have a particular smell about them, but quite a few really do seem to have an air of decay. I have found a lot of … Continue reading

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After waiting 7 years they will get less than $720

Nearly $43 million settlement proposed over FEMA trailers This highlights the pointlessness (unless you are a lawyer) of class action suits. The article says that perhaps as many as 60K people are eligible for the settlement, which according to … Continue reading

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But he is assuming it isn’t supposed to be that way

SEC: Taking on Big Firms is ‘Tempting,’ But We Prefer Whaling on Little Guys Matt is a great guy and I love his articles, but in this case I think he just doesn’t get it. Probably because he wants … Continue reading

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The new normal

How extremism is normalized The Obama administration has converted once unthinkable government claims into permanent political fixtures More bla bla bla police state bla bla bla, but it is important to try to get the word out. Since my … Continue reading

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I am not sure this is a good approach, though

Our Imbecilic Constitution There are problems with our government implementation, but I am pretty sure that this is not the best solution. While I agree that our Constitution was meant to be a living document and I think that … Continue reading

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An explanation for the other 50%

Earlier I had a post about the cheating gene. This is a post that talks about its opposite, the monogamy gene… Study traces origins of monogamous coupling From an evolutionary standpoint, the key players in the mating game were males … Continue reading

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An explanation for investor herd instinct…

Thou can’t not covet Wanting what others have may be hardwired in the brain I tried to make a case for investor herd behavior when I was in my finance class, but was pretty roundly jeered by my professor … Continue reading

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For some, climate change is about the lack of cold

Delay of bloom blamed on climate change Flowers that fail to open early in spring may be taking cue from previous autumn Those of us who try to create orchards know that certain fruit trees won’t even bloom if … Continue reading

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Long weekend

A bit quiet on TFOUI… We took last Friday off to make the weekend 4 day to try to get some visible progress done on our greenhouse/pool project. Man was it hot! I have never been a ‘veritable whirlwind of … Continue reading

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Old conservatism

My break with the extreme right I worked for Reagan and wrote for National Review. But the new hysterical right cares nothing for truth or dignity Perhaps I have not grown as ‘liberal’ as I had thought, given this … Continue reading

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